Talks and Interactive sessions

Students are presented with a number of challenging decisions and life changing opportunities as they move towards Higher Education.

Let us prepare and guide them with these choices with the range of talks and interactive sessions have to offer.

The sessions mentioned below are of benefit to anyone considering Higher Education, including parents and advisors. Generally 45minutes to an hour long, the sessions can be adapted to any audience and space.

On offer all year round:

‘Choosing Courses & Universities’
Helping students make an informed decision when choosing a Higher Education course and university, and underlining the importance of getting it right first time.

‘Preparing for HE Conventions & Open days’ 
A useful presentation that offers handy hints and tips to get the most out of these visits, including questions to ask and the big ‘dos and don’ts’.

‘Student Finance’ presentation
We do understand that this can be quite a dry topic, so we’ve done our absolute best to come up with a clear, concise and very informative presentation on the money matters relating to student finance, from tuition loans and grants, to scholarships and the repayment system, there are a lot of financial facts to digest and understand.
*We also have a parents evening specific presentation available on request.

‘Finance & Budgeting’ session
This fun and interactive session gives students the information about the financial support available when moving onto HE and helps them understand how to create and manage a budget on their own.

Interested? Contact the Outreach Team at or 01242 714833