Workshops and Presentations

Our workshops are created to give a taste of university life and help students understand the many options and opportunities they can have with a degree.

These workshops are suited to a classroom but can be adapted for a larger group/space.

Generally last 45 minutes.

On offer all year round:

‘University Challenged’ – Student Life Quiz
Quiz based around higher education institutions, student lifestyle and issues surrounding study at higher  education. Questions in areas such as student finance, subjects and types of courses etc.

‘A-Z of courses’ – Prospectus discovery
Learning how to decipher prospectus and uncover the diversity of courses on offer at different institutions across the UK.

‘Mint or Skint’ – Budgeting Board game
A fun group exercise that allows students to experience the vagaries of living on a student budget. The difficulty of balancing part-time work with full-time study and avoiding too much unnecessary expenditure are all up for discussion.

‘Mini Me’ – Careers & Future Self
Encouraging students to think about their future and the possible job sectors they could go into, whilst considering the choices they will need to make with their education.

‘Design a Uni’ – Academic Vs Social life
Students have the opportunity to understand the academic and social facilities on offer at university as well as a basic knowledge of budgeting.

‘Time Management’ – School and University timetabling
Getting students to consider the difference in timetabling at different stages in education, and balancing an academic and social life. A fun timetabling activity, with analysis to find out what sort of student you would be!

‘Why go?’ – Why go to university talk
Take a look at students’ individual reasons for continuing onto Higher Education, the types of courses available and the format in which they are taught. The talk also considers increased employability and the other skills and experiences you can gain through university.

‘Student Life’ – The university experience talk
A glance at university life from the students perspective, this talk gives a general overview of the student experience – encompassing the differences between further and higher education, accommodation, student support and of course, the life style!

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