Graduate Advocate for Media




I’m Jack, a recent Graduate from the School of Media.

My work at University was the voiceso relevant and transferable to the industry, that I was able to quickly find myself working on a number of programmes I had previously watched including: ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, ‘The X Factor’ and ‘The Voice’. I have since trained to be a researcher with the BBC.

As the new Outreach and Widening Participation Graduate Advocate for Media, my aim is to inspire and engage with pre/post 16 students, to help them realise their potential and encourage them to think about applying to do a media course at university. I have developed a variety of workshops and presentations that will help your students gain an understanding of what life is like as a media university student.

Contact me at or call 01242 714487



Found yourself with students who have a talent for media but aren’t sure what to do with it? This is the presentation for them; dispelling the myths about studying a creative course and looking at a range of topics including: subjects, student life and opportunities. This is an eye opening talk into how exciting and rewarding the media world can be and how university can help.


If your class are unsure about which subject to pursue or where to direct their interest, this session will put their mind at ease and offer them practical advice. Finding a media course involves a specific set of criteria that they may not know about. Looking at the specific subjects we can help them find their ideal course.


When it comes to writing your media application you really want to get it right first time and some students just won’t know where to start. So why not get Jack to come in and talk them through some of the criteria that our media academics look for when sifting through those personal statements?


It’s never too early to start thinking about life after university, especially when you’re planning a career in the world of media. Illustrating the many career paths available to students, this talk is filled with advice about finding careers and tips for how to get your foot in the door.


Students will be able to participate in a variety of activities designed to aid and encourage them to find experience in the industry. They will be taught how to network, make contacts and find work experience to help improve their applications and CVs.


Working with our experienced animation department we have created an interactive practical session where your students will create short stop motion sequences. We understand that not many of you will have had the chance to animate before so why not contact us to learn about the power of animation.

Your class will become a newsroom as small groups will compete against each other to deliver the top stories for the coveted headline. We will supervise your learners as they research leads to create an article in order to submit the best story before the deadline.

Give your students a taste of life in the Music Manager’s shoes. This interactive budgeting and customer service workshop is a real insight into how to plan a successful tour for an artist/ band.


Aimed at students with a musical background, we discuss the power of music in film and discuss how it can transform a scene. The class will be allocated a song which they will transform into a track designed to reimagine an existing scene.

An open discussion will explore the cinema industry and debate what makes a good film in this current climate. The workshop provides an insight into what film study courses will be like as well as an in depth look at how film distribution works.

All workshops and presentations are approximately 45 minutes long, but can be adapted to suit your needs.
Each session is available to be delivered to your students at your school or college, at a time which is best for you. Or alternatively, you are welcome to experience these sessions at the university.
If you like the look of any of these sessions or think we can help any other way, please contact me at or call 01242 714487