Visiting universities is integral to the application process but attending dozens of these will inevitably put a strain on students’ studies and their wallets. Encourage them to plan carefully with these helpful hints.

  1. Plan ahead – read the programme carefully and allow plenty of time for travel.
  2. Get thinking – write a list of questions you want answered on the day.
  3. Explore your course – make finding out the what, when and how of your subject area the priority of the day.
  4. Get the low-down – chat to current students and academics to gather top tips for getting your application right.
  5. Venture into town – check out all the student-friendly shops, restaurants and entertainment venues to make sure this feels like a great place to live.

Taking advantage of local open days is a convenient way to get a feel for university life. Even if your students hadn’t considered applying to institutions in their home town, these will provide a good comparison with those further afield.

Why not visit us?

University of Gloucestershire Open Day Dates

Friday 30 June

Sunday 2 July

Saturday 23 September (Teacher Training only)

Saturday 30 September

Sunday 29 October

Sunday 19 November

For a full list of open days, visit or use the search tool at

Visit to book a University of Gloucestershire open day.


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