Brush up on Skills for Sixth Form and HE

Get your new Year 12 students off to a great start this September with these skill-building sessions. With an emphasis on independent living and learning, we’ll help equip your students with the tools they’ll need for sixth form and university study, and their future careers.

Build your ideal day from the following 45 minute sessions:

Discover Your Study Style 

Students take a quiz to discover their study style and then explore a range of independent learning methods which might work best for them.


Effective Note Taking 

Whether it’s jotting in lessons, collating information from resources, or summarising points for revision, taking effective notes is an essential skill for learners. This engaging session encourages participants to reflect on their current note-taking strategy and introduces some fresh ideas.

Profile Building 

The research is clear – universities and employers are looking for applicants who offer more than just a set of qualifications. This session will get students reflecting on their current skills and experiences and explore how they can develop their profile, ready for university and job applications.

Mint or Skint Budgeting Board Game 

A fun group exercise, this game allows students to experience the vagaries of living on a student budget. The difficulty of balancing part-time work with full-time study and avoiding too much unnecessary expenditure are all up for discussion.

Time Management

Work hard, play hard. With so much to do, it can be hard to fit it all in. This workshop questions students’ priorities and helps them to reflect on their current ability to time manage, and challenge their ability to balance their working and social life.



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