Suss out Student Finance

Suss out Student Finance

With UCAS applications complete and offers rolling in, it’s time to focus on the next stage of university preparation – finance.

These handy pointers should help make things clearer for your students:

  1. Know your loans – With a Tuition Fee Loan, you can borrow up to £9,000 per year to cover course fees; this is paid directly to your college or university. A Maintenance Loan helps with your living costs; the amount you can borrow depends on your circumstances and is paid in three installments throughout the academic year. If you’re moving away from home, but not to London, you could be eligible for up to £8,200.
  2. Apply early – get your online application completed as soon as possible to ensure your money arrives on time. Don’t worry if you haven’t accepted a place yet; you can update your details later.
  3. Be safe – Never post personal information on social media sites and know how to spot phishing emails. Remember that the Student Loans Company will never ask you to confirm bank details or log-in information via email.
  4. Declare everything – Care leavers, parents, or those with disabilities may be entitled to additional support or funding. If people don’t know, they can’t help.
  5. Extra support – Find out if you’re eligible for an additional bursary or scholarship by contacting your university or college.


Do your students need more of these tips? We can deliver a 45 minute Student Finance talk in your school or college, at a time to suit you. Alternatively, why not book a session with our ever-popular Mint or Skint board game or Last Week of Term activity to teach your students about the importance of effective budgeting.

To find out more or make a booking, contact us at


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